About Us

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We’re furiously pounding our paws on the keyboard to get the word out. We want to provide the best Doge-specific resource for finding and supporting shops and services that accept Dogecoin, and a resource for how to buy and use Ðoge.

We are a small team consisting of wife, husband, and son (when we can wrangle him in). We’re building this site for the amazing Doge Community old and new. We hope to provide a resource that might help grow the Community.

We are new to Dogecoin (and cryptocurrency) ourselves (first buying Doge in January 2021) but long-time contributors to Open Source projects going all the back to 2005. While looking for resources highlighting where Doge can be spent for everyday things, we struggled to find anything so we decided to build this resource as a way to help ourselves learn and to share the knowledge we discovered along the way.

*It should be noted that we did come across the great spendyourdogecoins.cf after we’d made the decision to start this project. They are the longest-running index of places you can spend your Ðogecoin – give ’em a visit, they put a lot of work into compiling a list of hundreds of businesses that accept Ðoge, and they started on the site in 2019!

Our Goal

It’s simple; we want to provide a free directory for businesses, easy to navigate directory, showcasing all the places that Dogecoin can be used to pay for goods or services, and to provide resources to help educate, inform, and inspire others to adopt and use Dogecoin.

This site is a work of love for Community, and one of our small contributions toward trying to help make the world a better place for all of us.

As always, do your best to Ðo Only Good Everyday!