Magpie Mayhem Productions

Detailed Information

Hello !

My name’s Magpie and I’m a full time freelance artist 🙂

I accept Doge currently only via – I’ve worked on a variety of indie animations such as Hazbin Hotel, Helluva Boss, Mystery Skulls animated and MAYHEM.

I can adapt my art style for different productions, so if there’s something specific you’re looking for just let me know ! The videos on my listing are animations I’m directing currently – I do background art, storyboarding, animation, animation shading and compositing for them but also hire other animators to help me with production.

I’m currently not taking animation commissions, however I’m opened to doing everything else such as compositing, illustrations, background art, comics, character design etc.

The easiest way to reach me is either on my Twitter at @Magpie_Feather or on Discord at Magpie#6341 !