The Bitcoin Wardrobe

Detailed Information

Company overview

The Bitcoin Wardrobe is founded by Crypto enthusiast Christoffer Vuolo Junros. We provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a large collection of over 650 different products and designs. We accept over 130 different cryptocurrencies and tokens, through 3 different payment providers. We are a crypto agnostic company in that way. Our products are manufactured on-demand in order to reduce CO2 waste and be able to provide the very best quality and material available. We work together with factories worldwide and we always give our customers free shipping and a personal customer service experience.

Why customers love us.

Every comment and reaction from people wearing our products warms our crypto hearts, if our clients are happy then we are happy. That is our motto. It is especially heartwarming to see customers posting pictures of themselves wearing the item or using the merch. We believe that since the items we chose are made with a greater quality and standard than perhaps from somewhere else we find that our customers are very satisfied and often returning for more items. Our supporters on social media shower us with love, the feeling of being able to make people happy and fuel their enthusiasm for crypto is a good feeling.

Why order your crypto t-shirts and merchandise from us?

One of the reasons is that our products are always delivered with quality guarantee, the prices range from around 10$ (e.g. our BCP Button) to our premium embroidered crypto merchandise items such as our (Embroidered Bitcoin Unisex Hoodie) going for around 57$. With such an extensive choice, you are sure to find your new favorite item fit for your crypto lifestyle.

Made on demand Unique printing in small numbers

Our crypto t-shirt designs are unique and printed in a small number as we only manufacture on-demand.
This makes our graphic t-shirt design so much more interesting. You can wear or use one of our products proudly, knowing that you are one of a few selected people who owns and wear the same design as you are. Most of our shirts are unisex fit, however we do have some products only available as men’s t-shirt or women’s t-shirt fit.