Dogedrip & Co. Rocky Mountain Water

Detailed Information

“At ĐogeDrip & Co. our mission is to provide clean, healthy drinking water to all humans while contributing to the stability and sustainability of not just Dogecoin but all cryptocurrencies. For every 10 (6-Packs) we sell we have 1 Case (24-Pack) sent to people in need of clean drinking water around the world.

**Our goal is to provide clean drinking water to all people by uniting the planet. We want our water to stand for universal unity, so when we inhabit new planets or find extraterrestrial life, we hope earth’s ambassadors will be bearing cases of DogeDrip because humans believe in standing alongside one another.”

We are based in Colorado, Home of the Rocky Mountains! We offer healthy drinking water with a #MissionToMars. It’s simple. We believe in unity and mutual sufficiency among all humanity.

We are also quite informed about the increasing rise of cryptocurrency acceptance among people and this is behind our adoption of cryptocurrency as a payment method. We are actively involved in charity and for every 10 (6-Pack) of water sold, 1 Case (24-Pack) is sent to assist families across the world.

Our company was founded in 2021 by #DogeLovers.
Our vision is a world where people coexist in sufficiency and unity and we aspire to increase our scope of influence so as to contribute in bringing this to reality.