Doing Good With Doge

One of the Dogecoin Community’s longstanding and well known goals is to Do Only Good Everyday. The community has a long history of making people’s day a little brighter with a random tip of Doge, as well as coordinated efforts to raise funds to help important causes (and even just some fun causes).

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We’d like to give a special shoutout and big thanks to our friends at Dogecoin Evolution. They are who inspired us to set up this page of Doge DoGooders since day one, and have been encouraging and supportive of our efforts since the beginning.
Dogecoin EVO exists to help nonprofits and charities get set up to accept Dogecoin, If you’re looking for help, we recommend reaching out to them.

Visit these sites and share the Doge love!

The following is a collection of nonprofits, charities, and sites that can help you find ways to do good with your Dogecoin.

Know of other worthy causes that fit the Do Only Good Everyday mantra? Contact Us to let us know and we’ll check it out and get them added!

National Multiple Sclerosis Society


The National MS Society’s vision is:

A World Free of MS.


The Society’s mission is:

We will cure MS while empowering people affected by MS to live their best lives.

Lupus Foundation

Your support can improve the quality of life for people with lupus through research, education and advocacy. Help us continue to lead the way and have the greatest impact on people’s lives in the shortest amount of time.

The Foundation offers supporters with cryptocurrency portfolios the ability to support the organization in a tax-efficient way. The IRS classifies cryptocurrency donations as property, meaning they are not subject to capital gains tax and are fully tax deductible.

Adding this new donation method is a first step in learning more about how emerging technologies like blockchain can help us do more for those with lupus. The Foundation is working with The Giving Block, an expert in this technology, to grow its use of blockchain.

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No Kid Hungry

No Child Should Go Hungry

At No Kid Hungry, that’s our promise. If it sounds simple, that’s because it is.

That doesn’t mean ending childhood hunger is easy. We know what works, and we’ve made extraordinary progress for kids and families.

But the job isn’t done, and won’t be done until we’ve met that promise and every single child in America has the food they need to grow up healthy and strong.

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Air Care Alliance

What is the Air Care Alliance?

The Air Care Alliance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public service organization supporting the work of volunteer-based charitable organizations whose members fly to help others. ACA is devoted to fostering, enhancing, and promoting public benefit flying in the United States and other countries.

Our Mission

To promote, support, and represent public benefit flying through communication and cooperation among organizations facilitating flights for health, compassion, and community service.

Our Vision

To maximize charitable aviation through organizations and pilots flying to serve the needs of humanity.

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A Future For Veterans Foundation

Translating military skillsets, educational curriculum, and personal interests into successful strategies for reintegration.

Since 2016, we have been helping veterans develop their own sense of purpose, to reach their highest capacities, holistically.

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Humane Society of Oldham County

Started in 1986, The Humane Society of Oldham County is a stand alone no-kill animal rescue helping animals and our community in Oldham and surrounding counties. It was founded to help our county run animal shelter build a facility, and once completed turned it’s attention to reducing the number of unwanted pets in our area by offering a low cost spay/neuter clinics to the public and other animal rescues, including Oldham County Animal Control.

DOGE Donations can be sent to: DELLZVr5dL6xPL4X3fJQgybfsToyqS1LS7


I Draw Childhood Cancer

Visual resources for children and their families facing childhood cancer.

US 4 Warrriors

Just “Us” working to fills the gaps and help as many as we can!

Us4Warriors is a 100% volunteer 501C3 non-profit foundation dedicated to helping veterans, active duty military, and their families to overcome hardships and improve their ability to contribute their unique experiences, training, and leadership skills to society.

Rocket Dog Rescue

Rocket Dog Rescue is a San Francisco Bay Area dog rescue organization run by a group of dedicated volunteers. We save dogs from death at over-crowded shelters and find them loving, happy homes. Now in our eighteenth year, RDR is stronger than ever, and has saved the lives of over 10,500 animals. Are you looking to adopt a dog in the San Francisco Bay Area? Look no further!

Humanity Forward
We are building the movement to rewrite the rules.
Nobody deserves to go hungry.
Nobody deserves to lose their home.
Nobody deserves to suffer like we suffer today.
We have the momentum, we just need you. Join our coalition.
A coalition that fights big fights and does hard things, so that we can build a truly human-centered America. Onward.
International Medical Corps

Help International Medical Corps relieve suffering of those affected by conflict, natural disaster and disease outbreaks like COVID-19. Your generous gift today will help deliver vital healthcare services and training. Together, we can save lives and help devastated populations recover and return to self-reliance.

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American Cancer Society

Donate to the American Cancer Society with Cryptocurrency

Your cryptocurrency donation is tax-deductible and can support our mission by helping offset the funding shortfall caused by COVID-19.

Give Directly

GiveDirectly is the first — and largest — nonprofit that lets donors like you send money directly to the world’s poorest. We believe people living in poverty deserve the dignity to choose for themselves how best to improve their lives — cash enables that choice.

Donors have delivered over 300 million dollars to people in need.

Since 2009, we’ve delivered over $300 million in cash directly into the hands of over 500,000 families living in poverty.

Doge Wallet

Dogecoin Evolution

Dogecoin activism and raising awareness through memes, art and NFTs!

Encouraging non-profits and charitable organizations as well as small businesses and institutions to adopt Dogecoin.

Community engagement and cryptocurrency education.

Doge Donate

The goal of this site is to develop and track large scale donations using Dogecoin. A fun idea, reputable charity or great cause all together. This is not new for Doge and the positive publicity greatly helps our awareness, adoption, value and more – while doing a lot of good along the way.